Stefaan van Hooydonk

Stefaan van Hooydonk

E-learning: the future of learning – E-life in the future



Master’s Degree in oriental studies and economics

Director E-learning - Nokia Corp.




EN / NL / FR


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Stefaan van Hooydonk was responsible for the development of Nokia's e-learning vision as well as its deployment throughout Nokia's global markets and across the supply chain.
Van Hooydonk believes e-learning is not about learning, but rather about conducting one's business in the most efficient manner. He sees the potential of e-learning largely in B2B and B2C spaces. He has set a goal for Nokia to reach effectively 200 million e-learning users. He is passionate about exploring continuously new dimensions around the potential of e-learning e.g. mobile learning and edutainment.

Prior to moving to Nokia's headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, van Hooydonk set up Nokia's Corporate University in Greater China. There, he was the driving force to successfully e-learning as one of the first countries in the Nokia group. Prior to joining Nokia in 1998, van Hooydonk started of as a management consultant working in the areas of strategic investment and China entry strategies. Later on, he was instrumental in starting and subsequently managing the executive education division and was effectively responsible for corporate marketing of the now largest International Business School in China, CEIBS.




Management / Technologie

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