Dimitri  Schildmeijer

Dimitri Schildmeijer

Dealing with an angry crowd (lessons learned from the BP oil spill)

Dimitri Schildmeijer has been a corporate communications specialist for almost 15 years. Today he is a trainer in crisis communications, media and presentations skills for international companies.

Dimitri's recent clients include several companies in the oil and gas sector. For eight years, Dimitri also held various positions in the communications and public affairs department of ExxonMobil, a Fortune 10 multinational oil and gas company. He had assignments in Belgium (Regional HQ) and The Netherlands. He was also the European lead for the Public Affairs emergency response team of the company.

Dimitri is from The Netherlands. He holds a Master’s degree in communications from the University of Amsterdam. He lives just outside of Brussels and speaks English, French and Dutch.

Dimitri is an excellent speaker. He is a member of Toastmasters - the worldwide organization that promotes public speaking. In April 2011, Dimitri won the International Speech Contest for Belgium, Luxembourg and N-France.


-    1 hour multi-media presentation
-    A 15 min (dinner) speech with specific focus on anger management for companies

The 1 hour presentation investigates the communications efforts of BP in the aftermath of the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Based on 15 years experience, the speaker will lay out a five step model to manage crisis communications. The presentation looks at where BP did well, and where they missed the mark. The presentation uses a lot of video examples.

The 15 minute dinner speech is about the FIVE REASONS FOR ANGER – why are citizens angry? The speaker will conclude that the BP incident was jinxed by bad communications. It will provide guidance on how the handle an angry crowd.

Communications / crisis / reputation / BP / oil and gas / energy / media / emergency response
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