Leo Van Geyt

Leo Van Geyt

Inspiring entrepreneurship: how to start a new business in Cleantech? Or what we do in life, echoes in eternity.

Leo Van Geyt (CEO)
Leo Van Geyt is a dynamic, entrepreneurial professional with over 20 years of solid international business development, start-up experience in various domains like in sustainable mobility, open mobile payment platforms etc. Leo Van Geyt is heading a taskforce around “Grid Connected Vehicles” within Smart Grid Flanders and has become an authority on charging infrastructure and payment systems. He is a member of several associations which are related to innovative mobility and energy concepts. Leo has started several companies and is today the market leader for charging infrastructure in Belgium and active in various other European countries. His operational experience in deploying charging infrastructure proves to be very valuable resulting in innovative growth opportunities in the domain of energy billing, open mobile payment platforms, mobile wallet solutions, management of charging stations, etc.  He is a well known and frequently solicited speaker at several conferences, university and lectures courses on starting up new business for MBA students. Leo Van Geyt holds an engineering degree in electronics with further specialisation in Financial & economic Management.

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Vrij, verschillende formules mogelijk afhankelijk van de beschikbaarheid.

How to start up a new business in Cleantech? Stop dreaming and make it happen.
•    Opportunities and challenges of a start-up company.
•    A good idea is the first step but then what’s next?
•    He who knows most, knows how little he knows.
•    Chance favours only the prepared mind.
•    Small is beautiful?
•    Work-life balance
•    Money
•    How to deal with failures?

Electric cars / Charging / infrastructure / Mobile payment solutions / Sustainable mobility / Start-ups / Cleantech / Business development / entrepreneurship

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