Benjamin Zander

Benjamin Zander

The Art of Possibility


Benjamin Zander is the brilliant and acclaimed British-born conductor of the Boston Philharmonic.
Bringing his insights as the conductor of a major symphony orchestra to leaders involved in transformation and change, Benjamin Zander has become a much sought-after speaker to major organizations all over the world.




Keynotes of 1 to 2 hours


• The Art of Possibility
• Orchestrating Your Executive Team
• Living Life on One Buttock

Benjamin Zander's keynote programs bring his passion for greatness to audiences in a way that transforms them. His presentation takes an audience on a journey that offers a startling new perspective on leadership. Through stories, music and concepts it causes a radical shift in perception. This is not a speech, it is an experience!

In this new model of leadership, the conductor sees his job as awakening possibility in others. The orchestra is a group of highly trained individuals poised to coalesce into an effective whole. Passion, creativity and the desire to contribute are basic human instincts to be released.

World famous conductor, Benjamin Zander uses the metaphor of the orchestra and a life-time of experience conducting, coaching and teaching musicians to work his magic to overcome barriers to corporate productivity. This presentation sources fundamental changes in organizations.

Audience members leave his presentations with a compelling new understanding of leadership, teamwork and the keys to their own happiness and improved performance.
Using music as both a metaphor and a medium, Zander’s presentations are a high-energy tour de force. Ben Zander rouses audience members to belt out joyous harmonies.


From the article “The Practice of Transformation” in the Psychotherapy Networker:

"Trying to describe what Ben Zander does in front of a large audience is like trying to capture the essence of electricity – it crackles, it sparks ..."
"It's a powerful natural source of light, heat and energy, but what is it exactly? Perhaps elecricity is not such a bad metaphor; Benjamin Zander turns people on - to their own talent, to their relationships, to their lives.

Whether standing before a mob of corporate bigwigs or a small music class of teens, Zander uses music and his own exuberantly expressive persona to deliver his main lesson: how to live life passionately and fully in the vast and liberating realm of possibility; how to become braver, more open to human connection, more capable of expressing our deepest, most creative impulses…….. What distinguishes Zander is his dedication to not only living this way himself but somehow viscerally infusing people with the same vital currents of enthusiasm, confidence and delight that course through his own being" …


Benjamin Zander is the co-author of The Art of Possibility.
Mr. Zander’s many awards and honors include:
• an Emmy nomination for conducting "A New World of Music"
• the Crystal Award at the 1999 World Economic Forum in Davos in recognition of his contribution through culture and the arts to global understanding and peace



Leadership / Creativity / Teambuilding / Motivation


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