Frans Johansson

Frans Johansson

Living at the Intersection


Frans Johansson is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He spent the past three years talking to individuals and teams at the intersection of different disciplines and cultures. He combined the results from those interviews with decades of existing research in psychology, economics, and management of creativity and innovation. The result is The Medici Effect, the first book to fully explore the concept of cross-field and cross-cultural combinations and to offer clear guidance on how to make such an approach work effectively.

Prior to this he was co-founder and CEO of, a Boston-based enterprise software company and a founder and VP of Business Development for Dola Health Systems, a health-care company based in Baltimore and Sweden. He earned his MBA at Harvard Business School and BS at Brown University.

Frans was raised in Sweden by his African-American and Cherokee mother and Swedish father. He has always been passionate about pursuing intersections of disciplines and cultures in search for remarkable ideas.

An Engaging Speaker

A dynamic and passionate leader and thinker, Frans has spoken extensively about the Medici Effect to companies, organizations and universities across the US and the world. Organizations worldwide have engaged him to speak on issues of innovation and managing diversity before a wide range of audiences, from C-level executives to human resource practitioners to investment directors. These organizations include Kodak, General Motors, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Pfizer, TeliaSonera, Handelsbanken, Time Warner, EDS, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Industrikapital, Diversity Best Practice, etc. and at conferences and universities around the world.




Keynotes of 1 to 2 hours


The Medici Effect

The "Medici Effect" refers to the proliferation of new ideas-referring to the remarkable burst of creativity enabled by the Medici banking family in Renaissance Italy. In his book, Frans reveals how we can find intersections in our own lives and turn the ideas we find there into ground-breaking innovations. Frans explains that three driving forces-the movement of people, the convergence of scientific disciplines, and the leap in computational power-are increasing the number and types of intersections we can access.

The Medici Effect is filled with vivid stories of intersections across domains as wide-ranging as business, science, art, and politics. You will learn from CEOs, derivative traders, scientists, fashion designers, authors, public health single-handedly created and taught the first Cherokee written language to the team that cracked the German "Enigma" code during World War II, readers will learn how to find the Intersection and unleash the Medici Effect.


The Medici Effect:
• One of the Top 10 Best Business Books in 2004 - Amazon Editor’s Pick
• National and international bestseller
• Translated into 11 languages


“Drop what you’re doing and read it!”
– Gil Amelio, former Chairman & CEO Apple & National Semiconductor

“Bold and original!”
– Tom Freston, co-President Viacom (former CEO MTV)

“One of the most insightful books on managing innovation I have ever read”
– Clay Christensen, author The Innovator’s Dilemma

“He's written the book dozens of business school professors meant to write, but couldn't”
– Washington Post

“There is a good deal that managers can draw from this collection of ideas”
– Financial Times

“A Work of Art…If you can't read it and come up with at least a minor Mona Lisa or two, you're not trying.”
- Entrepreneur Magazine



Innovatie / Business / Management / Entrepreneurship

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