Jonas Ridderstråle

Jonas Ridderstråle

KARAOKE CAPITALISM: Daring to be different in the new world of business


Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle is at the forefront of the new generation of European-based business gurus. The Thinkers 50, the world’s first ranking of management thinkers, ranked Ridderstråle and his colleague Dr. Kjell A. Nordström at number 17 (one place below Nicholas Negroponte and one ahead of Stephen Covey).

His uncompromising, imaginative and decidedly funky take on contemporary business life has made Jonas one of today’s most sought after speakers. Dr. Ridderstråle practices what he so persuasively preaches. He is an advisor, lecturer and consultant to a number of international corporations and is also on the board of several companies.
Jonas was recently recognized as Sweden’s outstanding young academic of the year.

Kjell and Jonas are rebels with a cause. With their unorthodox combination of academic rigor, forceful logic and funky free-thinking they once again re-write the rules for revolutionaries. This is a true work-out for the wits.




Keynote of 1 to 1,5 hours


Karaoke Capitalism

Capitalism has won. There is only one small problem. Is this what we want?
Perhaps we should ask ourselves what price we are prepared to pay for prosperity. The opportunities for a richer life and for societies in which people have a genuine chance of realising their dreams have never been greater. It is an entrepreneurs heaven.

The democratic market economy is now the preferred choice. However, global market capitalism is not a political ideology. It is neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong – it just is. It is a set of principles or rules of the game.
For most companies this new reality means that they are both under siege by increasingly powerful customers and held hostage by competent individuals who are free to know, go, do and be. To thrive, organisations need to take on the simultaneous task of taming talent and creating new customers.

Against this backdrop, Dr Ridderstråle will:

• Outline an overview of the present socio-economic landscape.
• Highlight the key drivers behind this development.
• Analyse and discuss the overall implications for business firms.
Doing business in a bazaar - economy.
• Provide an overview of how the formation of competitive advantages has changed over time. The art of earning money is truly a moving target.



The book Funky Business - Talent makes capital dance (co-authored with Jonas Ridderstråle) is a manifesto of what our time requires from business firms and their leaders. The book has been featured on CNN and CNBC, and appeared in Fortune, Fast Company, Time Magazine, Financial Times, Paris Match, etc. and is an international best-seller. So far, it has been translated into more than 31 languages. In 2000, both and Management General rated Funky Business as one of the five best business books of that year. The book was recently ranked at number 16 in a survey of the best business book of all time

The new book Karaoke Capitalism: Management for Mankind (co-authored with Jonas Ridderstråle) is a new manifesto for how to make it in the world of Karaoke Capitalism. Individuals with endless choice dominate the karaoke economy. The trouble for business is that the karaoke club is also home to institutionalized imitation. Copycats abound. Only imagination and innovation place societies, organizations and individuals center-stage. Karaoke Capitalism is a call to arms.




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