Kobus Neethling

Kobus Neethling

Moving form problem solving to opportunity finding to miracle making


Dr Kobus Neethling is the President of the South African Creativity Foundation.
In 1998 he received "The Distinguished Leader Award" from the International Creative Problem Solving Institute and the Creative Education Foundation: the most prestigious creativity award in the world.

He is also the founder and Director of the South African Creativity Foundation and the Kobus Neethling Group. He holds 6 University degrees (Cape Town, Potchefstroom and Georgia USA), including two Master's Degrees, a Doctorate and a Post Doctorate (Cum Laude).

Dr Kobus Neethling is a Keynote Speaker and corporate trainer. He focuses on getting companies and individuals to extra-ordinary levels of thinking and doing.
He is also an author of more than 70 books and has written and presented many television series.
He has also done work on television shows like Big Brother and currently presents the only television show on creativity in the world.

Dr. Kobus Neethling is internationally considered as one of the TOP 50 speakers in the world.
Only recently Femina (a major magazine for women in South Africa) identified South Africa's 6 top inspirational speakers, one of them: Dr. Neethling.




1 to 2 hours up to half a day


Getting Above the Breakthrough Line

To think oneself into a state of depression and stress has become part and parcel of our personal and professional existence. We tend to blame other people and circumstances for our own pessimism and failure. The Above the Line model has a success record second to none. In more than 20 countries individuals, small and big business have committed themselves to a life and business above the line ----- and they have never looked back. If you are not able to anchor yourself and your organisation above the breakthrough line then most of your efforts to change and reengineer are a waste of time and money.
• How your own brain can destroy you or give you wings
• Identifying the real point of departure
• Eliminating the blocks
• Saying goodbye to pessimism and unhappiness
• Arriving at 'creative perspective'
• A new Anchoring for yourself and your company
• Living a life of Wisdom and Inspiration

Using your whole brain in the 21st Century

When one starts talking about the human brain, thinking closure often occurs. It is as if 'braintalk' is only for a few special people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Understanding your own brain preferences and those of others opens up doors you have never before thought possible. Creativity begins when you are able to explore all the possibilities of your own brain dominances and then go beyond those boundaries into other brain worlds to find new and different solutions. Gaining insights into your own brain preferences is only the first step; putting the whole brain into action is a critical step two. Whole brain business, management, sales and marketing, relationships, education, sport and parenting should never again be only for a few selected people; it is a theory and practice for everyone.

• Gaining amazing insights into your own brain and those of others
• Getting to grips with whole brain creativity and flexibility
• Putting the whole brain into action
• Finding whole brain solutions
• Becoming a whole brain manager
• From Big Brother to Bill Gates
• Starting the process

Getting to Levels of Extra-ordinary Thinking and Doing

One of the myths about human potential is that only a very small number of special people are destined to become the shapers of our planet. Parents, teachers and most people in the training and empowerment business have perpetuated this myth. Blinkered and prejudiced definitions of intelligence, creativity and clever have ambushed possibilities and opportunities that could have made our planet a far better place than what it is at the moment. Our own research and practical experience and those of other experts in the field of whole brain and creativity empowerment like Wenger, Parnes and Torrance have proven beyond any doubt that many more of our so-called 'average and mediocre' fellow human being are able to reach and cross the edges of excellence and extra-ordinary achievement. Very practical steps to achieve a new kind of beyondness have been developed ------ with amazing results.

• The old definitions of clever and stupid
• Initiating the extra-ordinary process
• Arriving at a new understanding of possibilities and beyondness
• Opening up different levels of creativity
• Getting to a million ideas
• Seeing with new eyes
• Extra-ordinary individuals and Organisations

From Negativity to Creativity: Choice not Chance

Negativity has become the subtlest decease of our time. It seeps into our language and behaviour and before we realise it we are ruled and governed by this destructive force. Moaning, groaning and complaining have become the norm in many homes, teams and organisations. Once negativity takes over positive energy and creativity leave by the back entrance. To re-engineer, change, initiate new ventures and projects when negativity dominates, is a waste of money, time and effort. Even super athletes and sports teams fail when negativity enters the brain and begins to drain the energy. Negativity will not go away if there is not an unambiguous stance by the individual and organisation against negativity and a significant process in place ---- a process that takes between 3 and 4 weeks but a process that can change your life and the life of your company for ever.

• Personal and organisational negativity patterns
• Identifying the essence of negativity
• Choosing negativity or creativity: the one or the other
• Problem thinking versus solution thinking
• Turning the process around
• Regaining your positive energy
• Creating new beliefs, thinking and attitudes

White space creativity: reaching the edges of your imagination

White space creativity is a concept that you will not find in your dictionary but is a process that has shaped our world from the beginning of time. I believe that our universe was created by an act of white space creativity. All newness in whatever form was and is created by a process that I call white space creativity. It is that ability of the brain to see in between two or many objects, ideas, solutions, challenges and universes into the open spaces that lie between those ideas, solutions etc. In contrast to the creativity that helps you to make your life and circumstances better, this kind of creativity inspires you to levels of inventiveness and resourcefulness you never imagined possible. It is becoming more and more clear that to move to the edges of excellence and breakthrough in this century the ability to 'white space' needs to be cultivated in all of us. I don't believe it is a nice to have anymore --- it is essential and critical for our survival.

• The two kinds of creativity
• The blocks to white spacing
• From deliberate empowerment to intuitive creativity
• Developing white space thinking
• Techniques to enhance white space creativity
• Reaching the outer limits of your imagination
• Putting white space creativity into action

Organisational Wellness: Sustaining a happy, productive environment

Kobus Neethling and his creativity associates have done extensive research over the past number of years on the factors, which are critical to the well being of a company or organisation. Ten factors were identified which seem to form the essence of an environment that supports and sustains happiness and productivity. These factors include trust, energy, fun and language (positive versus negative) and the research results regarding the effect of these factors are unambiguous: if any of them start moving below a critical point, it starts to effect parts of the organisation, or in severe cases the whole organisation. If the wellness index is not updated on a very regular basis companies could be dying or be close to death without realising they are but a few meters away from their own grave.

• Identifying the critical wellness factors
• Below the line-ness (degrees of dying)
• Establishing the specific causes
• A flowing organisation versus a stopping organisation
• Regaining organisational wellness
• Putting wellness strategies in place
Sustainable monitoring of passion and energy of the organisation


Dr Kobus Neethling has published more than 70 books including a number of best sellers:
• Creative people can perform miracles
• Courage to shake hands with tomorrow
• Am I clever or am I stupid?
• Whole Brain sexuality and relationships
• Talk to your food
• Smart Parents (Series of 4)
• Creative Rugby
• Think like Jesus
• Feel like Jesus


• Dr. Kobus Neethling has done motivational speeches, training programmes, development programmes to most of South Africa's leading companies and organisations and numerous international companies including Shell, BMW, Ogilvy & Mather, Mercedes Benz, Anglo American, Amplats, Anglo Gold, Old Mutual, Sanlam, ABSA, First National Bank, Standard Bank, Toyota, Multi Choice and Johnson & Johnson.
• Played provincial rugby and mental coach of 3 Olympic athletes.
• Whole brain adviser of UK County Cricket Team.
• Brain Profiler of the Big Brother finalists (TV Show)
• Dr. Neethling has also written a number of Award-nominated television series including and currently also presents the only television programme on creativity in the world.

Kobus Neethling has received numerous International Awards:
• Included in 9 International Who's Who Publications
• Included in 5000 Personalities of the World
• Member of the World Institute of Achievement (one of only a few selected members)
• Included in 2000 Outstanding People of the 20th Century (Cambridge, England)
• South Africa's Best Speaker Award (SA Quality Institute)
• Communicator of the Year (Toastmasters International)
• Pretoria, Man of the Year Finalist (one of five finalists)
• International Personality of the Year 2000 for Exceptional Contributions to the development of creativity (Cambridge, England)
• International Silver Screen Award


• 1 day creativity programs
• 3 days innovation & creativity programs

Topics, content and outcome can be communicated on demand.



Creativity / Management / Movitation / Inspiration / Entrepreneurs

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