Stephen Lundin

Stephen Lundin

The Fish! Philosophy


Dr. Stephen Lundin is a writer and filmmaker with a rich history in business, management and graduate level education.
As a speaker he draws on his work as an entrepreneur and “working creative,” blending it with his personal story. In this way he presents a message both intellectually and emotionally stimulating. As one attendee mused, “He doesn’t try to pump you up, he tries to show you where to find the pump.” By sharing his powerful, personal and authentic message,
Stephen awakens his audiences to the possibilities that already exist in every workplace, every home and every life.

His best selling book, FISH!, has continuously been a weekly Wall Street Journal bestseller and monthly Business Week bestseller for more than four years. The now business-staple has also appeared frequently on the New York Times Business, Publishers Weekly, USA Today and Barnes and Nobles bestseller lists.
Published in 34 languages with over 4 million copies in print worldwide, FISH! has taken the FISH! Philosophy to all corners of the world.

Steve was honored to be a participant in the Presidents Executive Exchange Program under President Gerald Ford. In his life he has been a think tank executive, a camp director, a national sales manager, a hockey rink supervisor, an elementary school teacher, a business school dean, a fitness instructor, a dishwasher, a small business owner and a golf caddy. In each of these roles he has also been an entrepreneur. Steve has won age group awards and holds records in running, weight lifting and indoor rowing and played college hockey and football; both poorly.

Steve and his wife Janell have a blended family of six children, ten grandchildren and a dog Bo. He lives in Maplewood MN.


• The Fish! Philosophy
• How to boost morale an improve the bottom line
• How to adapt to changing times
• Transforming your workplace and your life
• Feedback is a gift
• Personal accountability

Stephen Lundin speaks from the heart.
His genuine words have changed the way people look at life, and have tugged at thousands of hearts. Listening to Stephen, you begin to understand that you can choose your response to life's challenges.

Stephen learned this lesson as a young man, when he worked at Camp Courage with physically challenged children and adults. Despite their serious physical limitations, the campers were some of the happiest, joyful, spirit-filled people he has encountered. These campers taught Stephen that life is precious—as are the choices we make each day.

We often encounter circumstances that keep us from enjoying ideal workplaces.
Stephen draws on years of experience as a psychologist, MBA professor, business consultant, best-selling author and filmmaker as well as the FISH! Philosophy (which he helped to create) when he works with businesses. Stephen shares his wealth of knowledge, helping them to change their workplace culture, and create a workplace where people can truly experience the one life that is theirs to live.

By sharing his powerful, personal and authentic message, Stephen awakens his audiences to the possibilities that exist in every workplace, every home and every life.

Steve will inspire you to:
• Create a workplace that is equal measures of joy, productivity and integrity.
• Recognize and live the hundreds of potential "vision moments" you have each day.
• Take the step you are hesitating to make—the one that requires courage.
• Be present for others by realizing that this moment will never come again.
• Develop an atmosphere so tightly framed by a vision and so open that difficult conversations become routine.
• Consciously choose your response to the events you encounter on your life's journey.

Stephen has touched lives at organizations all over the world!

Or as Stephen puts it himself:
"I have discovered the joy of public speaking as a way to direct others to the deep wisdom already inside themselves but often slightly out of focus in the frantic lives we live."



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