John Niland

John Niland

The Courage To Ask / Hidden Value


John Niland is best-known as a conference speaker on higher value work and more opportunity via better conversations with co-workers, customers and alliance-partners.


Since 2000, John has been coaching others to achieve success, with a particular passion for supporting professionals “who wish to contribute rather than just to win, and hence do higher value work via better conversations with clients and colleagues”.

In parallel, John is one of the co-founders of the European Forum of Independent Professionals, following twelve years of coaching >550 professionals to create more value in their work.

Author of The Courage to Ask (together with Kate Daly), Hidden Value and 100 Tips to Find Time.

He is a regular contributor to professional journals across Europe.


John is also one of the co-founders of “Contributing Partners“: which connects professionals to non-profit organisations that need specialist services to increase their capacity to serve, at the same time enhancing value and reputation for contributing professionals.








Do you want to encourage contribution, creativity and innovation?

In “The Courage to Ask”, John Niland outlines some of the ways in which business conversations are evolving and demonstrates a few simple tools you can use to have more impact.

Depending on your audience we can address some of the following key moments:

  • Encouraging contributors and motivating them to greater performance:

understanding Winners and Contributors, a quick self-diagnosis(for self and others), strengths and pitfalls, managing and motivating each tribe, typical scenarios that discourage each group, spotting when they are becoming discouraged, the role of rewards and incentives, encouraging innovation and creativity

  • The five best sources of clients:

for those in business development for professional firms and service companies. Powerful questions to use when keeping-in-touch, with clients and former colleagues, in social media, getting referrals and introductions and cultivating strategic partnerships; how to have an effective value-centred conversation

  • Hidden Value:

Four reasons why the value of our work is not self-evident; real-life examples, classic mistakes when having a “value-conversation”, powerful questions to ask, rehearsing the dialogue, bridging to a referral conversation if appropriate, typical obstacles and how to overcome them, concept of a “value-centred organisation”

  • Doing a review with a client or your boss
  • Talking about money e.g. fees or remuneration
  • Asking for introductions
  • Keeping in touch, cultivating opportunity
  • Engaging with partners, collaboration
  • Challenging the client, reframing requirements





List of events John has spoken at:

IRM Business Analysis Conference, Europe, London (2012)

HLB International Conference, Istanbul (2012)

MDRT European Conference, Athens (2011)

CIMA Annual Conference, London (2011, 2010, 2008)

Top-Consultant (London: 2004-2010)

IAPA International Conference (Madrid 2009)

SWAT Annual Conference (2003, 2007, 2008)

ICAEW South-West Conferences (2008, 2009)

AIMP Conference, Bonn (2008)

British Energy Leadership and Sales Conferences (2007)

ICF, Helsinki (2008) and Geneva (2008)

WSP Environmental Leadership Conference (2007)

Auditel Annual Conference (2004, 2007, 2011)




The Courage To Ask

"Successful Professionals in Belgium"





Business / impact / motivation / performance / better conversations / success


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