Tom Commeine

Business Development



Tom Commeine is een development expert met vele jaren waardevolle ervaring in zowel 'business development' als 'talent development'.

- Samenwerking met Zelfstandigen en KMO's om hen te helpen groeien naar de volgende horizon
- Nieuwe zakelijke projecten
- Start-up coaching

Commerciële strategie & uitvoering ( business plan, verkoop plan, zakelijke modellen, marketing, distributie, verkoop, klanten loyalteit, ... )
Analyse en verbetering van de zakelijke processen
ICT optimalisatie

Via keynotes, seminars, workshops, training, opleidingen en coaching:
- Communicatie (marketing, verkoop, onderhandelen, ...)
- Commerciële Strategie (strategie design, zakelijke modellen, strategische klantenloyaliteit, ...)
- Bedrijfsmatige vaardigheden (leidershap, management, teambuilding, organisatie efficientie, ...)


As a technically schooled entrepreneur who's continuously learning, with over 28 years in business and an extensive experience in talent- and business development, Tom has a clear mission: Let's make it fabulous!

Core values: passion, integrity, creativity, reliability, enthusiasm, entrepreneurial and love.

With extensive expereince in business development and as a from Certified Independant Ziglar Trainer, representing the Zig Ziglar Company in Benelux from 2001 - 2006, he's managed to help develop people and companies and to speak as a professional speaker all over Europe.

He's also a family man, married back in 1996, yes, still with his current wife Patricia and they've raised two young man, Lennert born back in 2000 and Robin born in 2002.

His social life was mostly oriënted towards JCI (Junior Chamber International). He's JCI Belgium President 2012 and JCI Senator #72473.

Clearly inspired by his American mentors Zig Ziglar and Nido Qubein, his masterclasses are dazzling and mind explosive charged. All material is designed for a global context and adapted to the Belgian point of view and use.

Tom Commeine is a member of PSA Belgium since several years and still believes that this is the best association in Belgium for Professional Speakers.

Tom Commeine  - Spreker

Haarstraat 11
2000 Antwerpen



+32 3 231 43 79
+32 475 27 43 79